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Service Notes To Customer

So you just had your computer serviced by DAURWID.  There are a few things you should know about in case I missed them during the final review of your service.

We maintained your PC.  You should consider this similar to how you treat your automotive vehicle.  Every year you should have it serviced or perform some simple procedures to lengthen the life span of your computer.

Here is the breakdown of our Standard Operating Procedures during a full mainteancen service.

1. Shutdown PC.  Unhook all wires and connectors.  Make sure you are properly grounded before touching computer parts or cases.  I recommend touching your computers power supply to properly ground yourself.

2. Take PC outside, use compressed air canister, leaf blower, blower vac, or compressed air machine to remove any and all dust from the system.  Be careful to not damage existing parts when opening the case.  Perform this same procedure to the monitor.  Use a cloth non-abrasive product to clean your monitor surface.  Alcohol and paper towels could scratch the screen.

3. Verify all wires are safe and not exposed or damaged.  If so, replace them at the customers discretion.

4. Clean up the PC environment and reinstall the PC being careful to not be too forceful with the connectors but making sure that they are securely seated into their respective slots.  Make the power cord be the last connector you hook up.  Power on the PC.

5. Once booted. Shutdown all unnecessary services found in the tray or started at Startup.

6. Remove all items in the "Start Up" folder under "Programs" in the Start Menu.  Find other programs that start at boot and disable their auto load option through preferences.

7. Restart before moving forward.

8. Remove all toolbars.  Toolbars can slow your website browsing, monitor your activities and steal your information.  Your browser provides you with an existing toolbar that you can customize like almost any other toolbar.  If you choose to install another program on your computer, make sure you UNSELECT installing "extras" and "toolbars."

9. Remove any Anti-Virus software that exists.  Microsoft now provides free Anti-Virus to all legitimate Windows Operating System owners.  We will install Microsoft Security Essentials free of charge and run a full system scan as a part of our diagnostics.

10. Run "Disk Cleanup" under System Tools and remove all temporary files and unnecessary logs.

11. Run All Windows Updates.

12. Install Spywareblaster from Javacool Software.  Update it and run it's immunization feature.  The immunization feature allows your system to immediately block requests to access known bad websites.  It is recommended to run the Update and Immunization feature monthly for best results.

13. Install Spybot: Search & Destroy from SaferNetworking.org.  Update it, run it's immunization feature, and run a full system scan.  This software covers other known bad websites that Spywareblaster does not.  This software is very full featured and allows access to system information for the technicians for diagnostic and repair purposes.  It is recommended that the customer update this software, update it and run a full system scan monthly.